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Whenever you find yourself facing legal proceedings it's important to know who to approach for legal assistance. Legal professionals differ in expertise as much as they differ in experience. You have advocates -who are litigation specialists with persuasive authority in court- attorneys, general legal practitioners, draftsmen, prosecutors, the list of legal professionals who can assist you is endless. However, an attorney is one of the most highly mystified legal professionals you'll ever come across because no one really knows what they really do. Save for the belief that they're the ones to approach, that's where the rubber meets the road. But the fact is, there isn't much to it as it's all about understanding the specialist nature of the legal profession and how roles are assigned. They are specialists in their field and area such as experts in family law birmingham.

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What is a law attorney?

A law attorney is a specialist legal professional who has a thorough grasping of specific areas of the law. That's why you'll see "Conveyancing, Notary Public or Family Law" emblazoned on signs outside a law office under the names of the partners. So basically a law attorney is a lawyer who has developed an intimate relationship with a "specific area of the law. Tax attorneys specialise in tax related matters, a family attorney deals with family law issues like divorce, maintenance and child custody, conveyancers are specialists in the transfer of ownership in immovable property, and so forth. On the other hand, a criminal attorney handles criminal cases involving the state as a party to the case on behalf of the public, who have an interest in the conviction of criminals.Therefore, attorneys can either specialise in criminal cases and civil cases, the latter being when the parties are natural or juristic persons (companies).

What do law attorneys do?

An attorney initiates the contract between an advocate and a client, negotiates about and receives fees from the client, instructs the advocate specifically in relation to each matter affecting the clients interests, oversees each step advised or taken by the advocate, keeps the client informed, and is present as far as reasonably possible during the interaction between a client and the advocate. Attorneys take care of matters such as the investigation of the facts, the issues and service of process and the discovery and inspection of documents.

Why do people need a law attorney?

All attorneys must keep a separate trust bank account in which all money held or received by them on account of other persons must be deposited. No amount standing to the credit of such an account shall be regarded as forming part of the assets of an attorney. Any shortfalls can be recovered from a fidelity fund in proper circumstances. A fidelity fund is a kind of insurance policy meant to reimburse clients whose money is misappropriated by the attorneys acting on their behalf.

What are the benefits of using a law attorney?

There are several reasons why it makes sense to hire an attorney, most of which have been mentioned herein. But what is the most attractive quality of attorneys/advocates is the benefit of specialised legal services. As opposed to general practitioners, family law Birmingham attorneys will proffer expert legal assistance.