Lawyers in the Crosshairs: The New Legal and Ethical Duties of Corporate Attorneys. Panel 2

October 13, 2006
Presented by: Center for Business Law & Guideline

Summary: Gatekeeping by Agreement: Policing Business Misconduct by Volunteer Contract
2006 George A. Leet Business Legislation Seminar

Geoffrey P. Miller, Stuyvesant P. Convenience Teacher of Law, Supervisor, Center for the Study of Central Banks, New york city College of Legislation
Joseph W. Bauer, Esq., VP and General Advice, The Lubrizol Corporation
Robert C. Hockett, Aide Professor, Cornell Law College

New regulations impose unique concerns on corporate attorneys to report feasible legal problems up the business pecking order and also in some cases to take out from representing a client as well as disclose proof of customer transgressions. These new duties seem to encounter the typical concept that lawyers owe an overriding duty to the customer. This Symposium will certainly review what the new law is, where it is goinged, and exactly how lawyers could best satisfy their lawful commitments while offering the passions of the customer.